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Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

Hello, my dear readers!! For today’s Product Review I am gonna write about one of the most famous Korean skincare products in the category of toners, and the product is….. Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner (Clap Everybody..!!). Because when Kbeauty says “Snail essence“, it’s the cosrx! and when they say “Toner”, it’s the Klairs!! Duh, I am not exaggerating, google it!! 😜

I am not gonna talk about the brand’s claim but I will definitely point out the claims put forward by many users:

  • This Toner is suitable for 7 Skin method!
  • It’s suitable for all skin types, even the sensitive one.
  • It’s so calming and hydrating and even moisturizing.
  • This toner improves skin texture!!

So, did I like this toner? is it my holy grail stuff? Read along!! 😜🙃


Skin Type:

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner is suitable for all skin types! Normal, Dry and Combination skin will fall in love with it!


Not Suitable for:

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner might not be suitable for anyone allergic to the ingredients used in it. Also, I would suggest that Oily skin may skip it during humid Summer and monsoon.



Ingredients List and CosDNA Analysis: 

From Cosdna Analysis, I am shocked how clear the ingredient list is from many skin irritants. The ingredients that are highly beneficial to the skin are highlighted in Green, and it has my most favourite ingredient “Centella Asiatica” at the first half of the list! 😘

I am only concerned with the number of essential oils it has!! I personally have no problem with essential oils but many people whose skin is very sensitive or is acne-prone, might react to these essential oils. So please try out the samples first!



How to use:

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner can be used by dispensing a little on cotton puff, but I don’t suggest so!

I have been using it at my first step of a skincare routine, right after the cleansing step! I don’t take up to 7 skin method (Might do it occasionally!!!) and usually limit it to 3 step method!! 😉





The packaging is pretty simple and travels friendly! The product comes in a dark brown coloured cylindrical plastic container!!





I am happy that dispensing hole is small, it actually prevents the wastage of product!!


Expiry Period: It has an after opening expiry period of 12 months.

Quantity: It comes in a good 180 ml quantity!

Price: Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner is available anywhere in between 15 usd to 21 usd depending upon the discount on different websites.

Purchase Options: (India Only)

Daisy Skin Fix (India Only)

Nykaa (India Only)






Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner is quite thick for a toner, and the consistency is more like an essence! Also, it has a bouncy texture and has the signature klairs fresh floral scent (I don’t know, I find most of the klairs product have very similar scent 🤷).





Even though its thick for a toner, it does sink into the skin easily and set matt, leaving skin cooling and hydrated!!

Skin is all drenched with hydration



Sinks in so well!!



In conclusion, I would say it’s a good toner and I don’t regret buying it! I am almost half a way of using it! But I don’t know I’m not finding it fully convincing for the hype it has!! I don’t find it bad either, but also I don’t see anything exceptional in it!! Maybe I was expecting too much!! 🤷




  1. Awesome hydrating toner.
  2. It is moisturizing for a toner.
  3. Doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on the skin.
  4. Alcohol-Free
  5. Paraben-Free
  6. Vegan Friendly.
  7. Easily available (at least now!!).
  8. Goes really well with most of the products.
  9. Has good soothing fresh floral fragrance, I enjoy it.
  10. Free from skin-irritating ingredients.
  11. Suitable for 7 skin method. (Not all toners are suitable for 7 skin method, always check if the toner is alcohol-free!!).



  1. None!! Seriously None!! I know I don’t look very exciting about it!


Do I recommend it? Yes to all skin types, except for skin sensitive to essential oils.

Will I repurchase? No!! I have more products to try out!!


Rating: 4/5

I would have given it 5/5, but I refrained from it because this product just confuses me, I like how it feels so good on skin yet I don’t enjoy it for a long time!!

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