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I’m from mugwort cream Review

Mugwort is the ingredient of the year 2019. It’s been in the kbeauty market from few couples of years but it picked up the momentum this year. Every brand at least has 2-3 products based on this ingredient, be it a sheet mask or a toner and an essence (very common ) or even a cream. For today’s I have a mugwort cream from the brand “I’m From “. The I’m from mugwort cream contains 73.55% of pure mugwort (I guess its highest in the cream form, not very sure though as brands keep coming up with new products).


Skin Type:

I’m from Mugwort cream is suitable for all skin types and for the all-weather condition.

  • Dry skin – Summer & Monsoon.
  • Oily Skin – Dry summer & Winter.
  • Combination Skin – Dry Summer.


Ingredients List and CosDNA Analysis:

I’m from mugwort cream ingredients

The cream contains some very good ingredients. I have marked my darling ingredients in green:

  • Mugwort – anti-inflammatory property, therefore helps calm acne, reduces redness on the skin, heals skin and help boost skin barrier. (The brand I’m From fetch the ingredient Mugwort which is aged for 3 years, from “Ganghwa, Korea”).
  • Glycerin – This helps hydrate, repair and moisturise skin.
  • Shea Butter – Amazing skin moisturiser.
  • Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate – helps calm skin & reduces redness.

The one that is marked in Red are the fermented ingredients, which are really good for the skin but can have complexity with the sensitive skin, acne-prone skin and especially if someone is prone to get fungal acne.

I too have a very love-hate relationship with the fermented ingredients. My skin tolerates Lactobacillus and Saccharomyces well in moderate concentration, whereas the Galactomyces just end up giving me acne after a week of usage or even before.

Check the cosdna Analysis here…



How to use:

I’m from Mugwort Cream is suitable for both Day and Night moisturisation. I sometimes use it as a sleeping mask too.

Just keep the tub in a fridge for 15 mins or so, apply a really thick layer at the last step of the routine, wait for 30 mins for the cream to get sink in fully before going to sleep (you don’t want to wake to see a greasy pillow but dry face!). Next day I always wake up with soft, dewy & plump skin.




I’m from mugwort cream comes in a simple but heavy glass tub type packaging. I wish that it came in a hygienic travel-friendly tube type packaging.

I’m From Mugwort cream, Mugwort Mask and the ginseng serum




Expiry: 12 months after the opening.

Quantity: 50 ml.

Price: I’m from Mugwort cream is available for $32 at Wishtrend.com (Global) and in India, it can be bought form beautybarn.in for Rs.2150.


(Disclaimer – The product was sent by beautybarn.in to use and share my honest opinion on it.)




Consistency/ Texture / fragrance / Absorbability:

The cream has a smooth texture with gel-cream like consistency but is more moisturising than many conventional creams of similar consistency.

The cream has same herbal-green-bitter fragrance as that of the Mugwort Mask and the Essence (Yeah I am testing these products on and off) but it’s not as overwhelming as that of a Mask, it thankfully goes away after few mins of application.

The absorption does take bit extra time (I guess this is why I sometimes found it bit sticky during very hot humid days), but I am not bothered by this as it makes my super dry skin soft.

Smooth gel-cream Texture



keeps my skin super soft and moisturised.





Overall, I really enjoyed the cream for the past couple of months. I tested the product on and off for some weeks, then continuously for 1 month, due to the fermented ingredients used in it. My skin happily accepted it, I particularly enjoyed the cream for its redness controlling and skin-softening effect.


  1. I found it very moisturising.
  2. Makes my skin soft, dewy, and plump.
  3. My dry, sensitive & acne-prone skin didn’t get irritated from its usage.
  4. I especially liked it for the skin calming and redness controlling effect. However, it does not prevent acne and is not suitable to treat a severe forms of acne. (Go to a Dermatologist in such cases).
  5. Alcohol-Free.
  6. Paraben-Free.
  7. It’s almost oil-free. Now I am being very transparent here, except for the mugwort oil, there is no carrier oil or any other essential oil.
  8. Goes really well with the skin exfoliating products.



  1. I wish the fragrance was mild, cannot expect it to be 100% fragrance-free as the core ingredient has its own unique scent. It’s like expecting no scent from tea tree oil.
  2. They shouldn’t have added the fermented ingredient. The fermented ingredient can be hit-miss for sensitive and acne-prone skin. So, while creating a product for such skin types, I wish they had not added the fermented ingredient in it.



Rating: 4/5

Do I recommend it? Yes, I do recommend this Cream to all skin types, especially if you are looking for a skin calming & redness controlling product.

Will I repurchase? Ahem..!! No!! I did like it a lot, it’s just I couldn’t get used to the unique & natural mugwort scent, and plus I already have my HG product for similar effects.


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