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cleanser for your skin type

Struggling to find the right cleanser for your skin type? Worry Not! In this post I will be sharing a quick review on 10 cleansers that I have tested in a year for my “Dry, Sensitive & Acne-Prone skin” and some have been used by my mum for her “Oily & Acne-Prone skin”. So, I am sure that you will definitely find something for yourself!

While picking a cleanser, I try to go for a formula that:

  1. Doesn’t have SLS & SLES and is also Paraben-free.
  2. Preferably doesn’t have a fragrance. 
  3. It is free from any kind of exfoliating ingredients. This important when you have dry or sensitive skin. Unfortunately, I have both.
  4. Should have low to neutral ph-value, that is, I am ok with a cleanser even if it’s not perfect 5.5, but it should never go beyond 7.
  5. Lastly, I try to get my hands on low or no essential-oil formulation and this is the challenging part.
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Cleansers for all skin types for all season, except for very sensitive skin and Oily skin:

The cleansers under this category are fit for most of the skin types unless one is experiencing extreme sensitivity or have very oily skin. These cleansers, in general, provide clean skin finish but without any tightness. For my Dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin, I enjoyed most of these cleansers for humid summer or monsoon season.

cleanser for your skin type
This Krave Beauty Cleanser is a very famous sensitive skin-friendly cleanser, but it failed on me. It dried out my skin and gave acne. Thanks to my mum this is now #empty
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right cleanser for your skin type
I loved this Kiehl’s Cleanser initially but with time kinda got bored of it. Plus this has Parabens and SLES. Ouch! The only good thing is that it is fragrance-free.
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This Acwell Bubble-Free ph Balancing Cleanser is a 100% soap-free cleanser, doesn’t lather and contains Salicylic Acid to keep the pores Clean. I loved it.
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Rounda Round Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam is a decent gel cleanser that came along with a foam maker. This never irritated my skin and I love its minty earthly fragrance.
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cleanser for your skin type
This famous Neogen Cleansing Stick has a mixed review online and its loaded it Essential oils but thankfully didn’t react on my skin and I enjoyed it. #Empty.
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The cleansers for Normal to Oily skin for all season and for combination skin can use these in summertime:

Oily Skin should go for cleanser that contains Salicylic Acid in any form (willow bark extract, Betaine Salicylate, Capryloyl salicylic acid, etc. ) as it will help in reducing excessive sebum in your pores and thereby reducing the chances of acne. In case, you are going through acne treatment avoid salicylic cleanser unless your dermatologist recommends it. This should help you in finding right cleanser for your skin type.

cleanser for your skin type
This newly launched Jumiso cleanser is amazing for oily skin but dried out my skin after almost 2 weeks of usage.
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cleanser for your skin type
If someone with oily skin is sensitive towards the essential oils and fragrance in a product then this InkeyList cleanser is for you. My mum favourite.
Her other loved one is the Cosrx low ph good morning gel cleanser.
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Cleansers for Normal to Dry, Sensitive, Damaged skin for all season and for combination skin in summer are:

These skin types should go for a cleanser that doesn’t have exfoliating ingredients and rather have calming, hydrating ingredients. Of course, they should be SLS-Free, SLES-free, Fragrance-Free and preferably EOS-free. These are the kind of cleansers I prefer. Always make a check of these points before searching for a right cleanser for your skin type.

cleanser for your skin type
The Purito Defence Barrier ph Cleanser is a gel cleanser that has mild formulation and smells like a tea tree oil, so if you don’t have an issue with that, this cleanser is for you.
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cleanser for your skin type
The Rovectin Conditioning cleanser was love at first sight. I love it because of its fragrance-free and it helps in maintaining skin hydration. A must for dry & sensitive skin. #empty and I miss it.
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cleanser for your skin type
Honestly, not just this cleanser, but the entire soon jung line is a must try for sensitive skin. This cleanser ticks all my requirements that too at an affordable price. This is soon going to be an #empty and what am I going to do!
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This is another video where I have reviewed entirely different sets of cleansers. I have shared my experience with Hada Labo, Heimish, Cosrx, Innisfree, Huxley, Neogen Cleansers, etc.

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