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A By Bom Ultra Time Return Eye Cream Review

With this Post, I can proudly say that I have found my HG eye cream. The product is the A By Bom Ultra Time Return Eye Cream. Not only it has luxurious rose gold packaging, but using it is also very convenient and most importantly it gives the result.

I know I have already spilled the milk, but you got to read why it’s amazing and be thankful that I didn’t post a detailed review here just after a month of usage.


Skin Type:

A by Bom Ultra Time Return Eye Cream is particularly made for very dry skin around the skin. So, you can say that it targets matured and dry skin. I missing it for the current cold dry weather.



Ingredients List and CosDNA Analysis:

The size of the ingredients list is humongous! It’s not for the weak heart. I have marked the ingredients in green, which are known for providing good moisture, strength and plumping effect to the skin.

In spite of being a rich eye cream, it shockingly doesn’t have any oil except for the argan oil. The eye cream is packed with humectants and moisturising butters.

 Click here for COSDNA ANALYSIS…



How to use:

I use this eye cream after using my toners and essences. Make sure while applying you don’t pull or tug your skin too much in the name of a massage. This is a mistake that I do often! Patting and gentle massage with the tip of ring fingers is the best practice.

Usually 1-2 pump of the A by Bom Ultra Time Return Eye Cream is enough to cover my eyes and laugh lines. Lately, I am making it a habit to use some eye creams even on the forehead and neck!




A by Bom Ultra Time Return Eye Cream comes in a beautiful rose gold cylindrical packaging with a pumping dispenser. I guess the container has an airless vacuum pump system. The top cannot be opened.

I haven’t had the chance to travel with this eye cream, but I think it’s mostly has a travel-friendly packaging unless the top is accidentally pressed by something in your bag. This is why I wish that additional cap or locking system should have been provided (something like in drunk elephant serums)

Isn’t the packaging pretty??



Yes! there is no cover or lock at the top! I wish there was one


Expiry: 12 months after opening.

Quantity: 30 gm. This should last for almost 4-5 months with 2 times a day usage.

Price: In India, this cream is available at Limese and Nykaa for an amount of Rs.3450 ($47). Global users can also it from the Korean website bemusedkorea.com

Disclaimer: This A by Bom Ultra Time Return Eye Cream was sent by the website Limese to use and share my unbiased opinion on it.




Consistency/ Texture / fragrance / Absorbability:

A by Bom Ultra Time Return Eye Cream has a very thick rich texture but it still sinks into the skin without any stickiness and goes really well under the concealer. The concealer doesn’t pill (at least it doesn’t on my very dry eye skin condition, not very sure if it will work similarly on oily skin).

It does have a prominent artificially added floral-kind of scent, which did hit my nostrils hard in the beginning then in a few weeks, I got used to it.

Sorry for such bad quality of the picture! I was too engrossed in enjoying the picture that I forgot about taking a good texture shot…! My bad!





Initially, when I used this eye cream for a month, I didn’t notice any wow result, I almost considered it as a meh product! But but…but….. I must confess that I made a wrong conclusion. THIS A BY BOM ULTRA TIME RETURN EYE CREAM IS THE BEST!

As I used it more and more, after 2 months I saw that fine lines around my eyes were fading away and skin around eyes look firmer and healthier. In 4 months I saw that the fine lines were gone completely.

The eye cream got empty a month back and I am missing it so much!! I feel like ordering ASAP, why? Because now my fine lines are coming back and skin looks saggy around my eyes, but I have almost 6 deluxe samples to use up. Also, I am eager to test the Drunk Elephant C-tango (eye cream).

I have Ranked all the eyes in this video, and the A BY BOM ULTRA TIME RETURN EYE CREAM has pushed back all the eye cream and stands first! Man! I feel like ordering now! The A by Bom eye care set is the best. The eye serum is good for fading dark circles to almost 70% while the eye cream is best for fine lines.





  • It did firm the skin around the eyes.
  • In some 3 months, I saw that the under skin looked a bit brighter.
  • Helped a lot in fading the fine lines. I do not have wrinkles, so cannot comment on that part, but I think long term usage should help.
  • It didn’t cause any irritation to my eyes.
  • Even though it’s a rich cream, it didn’t feel sticky or heavy and kept the skin soft.
  • On my very dry skin, it didn’t cause milia (small white bumps around eyes).
  • Hygienic pump type packaging. It very pretty too!
  • Paraben-free.
  • Essential Oil Free.



  • It has a prominent floral scent, but I can totally surpass this for such amazing performance.



Do I recommend it? Yes! Yes! Hell yes!!

Will I repurchase? Is this even something to ask about? Of course! yes! yes! If not immediately but definitely after finishing all my eye creams

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