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Websites for korean skincare products

Hello Readers!! Today’s post is one of the highly requested article!! I know I should have posted it a long time back!! Better late than never!!😜 Korean skincare products are everywhere!! But the question comes where to get them safely!! I am gonna list possibly all the websites for korean skincare products! The opinion layed are based on my experience wrt to service in India! This post will be divided in four segments:

  • Kbeauty websites in India.
  • Frequently used websites!!
  • Website used 1 or 2 times!!
  • Yet to be tested!! I will be updating details as I keep testing various websites.


Before I jump into any particular segment, I would like to point out few basics and prerequisites!!

  1. You need to have a PAYPAL ACCOUNT, few websites do provide independent payment gateway, but it tends to be risky! Paypal is much safer and is used worldwide!!
  2. Customs and taxes can vary from country to country, and also within a country from region to region!! These are the liability of the receiver!!
  3. I would suggest not to exceed 700 gms limit, and try to limit a value around 30-50 usd! Keep it less than 50 usd for first time purchase!
  4. I always opt for standard delivery (with tracking Id) or a K-Packet, whichever is available! These are delivered in India by India Post office service!!
  5. Once delivered to India, track the parcel from “India post tracking website” or “IPS Web tracking“.
  6. In general overall tracking can be done from “After Ship” app! (I am not sponsored, I use these tools all the time.
  7. It takes an average time (shipping + transit time) of 10 to 25 days to reach the receiver!!



Indian websites (Within India Only)

1. Firstskin :

For the Indian Kbeauty Website, Firstskin contains quite the variety of Brands. You get free shipping on minimum purchase of Rs.2000. I am so Happy to see few Whamisa Products, Heimish, Banila Co., quite a variety of Neogen Products, Almost everything from Huxley and How can I forget the Pyunkang yul? and lot more brands!! How does the free samples sound to you?? Why didn’t I find them earlier!!🙄



2. :

Nykaa have so many beauty brands! I glad that they have a small kbeauty section too, that carries Innisfree, The faceshop, It’s Skin, Klairs, Dearpackers, Dermal and Mirabelle!! I am expecting some more brands!! You get free shipping with a minimum purchase of Rs.500!!




3. :

Beautybarn is a one stop shop for Cosrx, Klairs, By wishtrend, Benton, Skinfood, Missha, Etude House, Laneige and Peripera. You get free shipping on purchase of Rs.2500! What I like the most is their delivery service, which is Hell fast!! I receive my products within 3 days!! Also they give samples too!! I don’t why the idea of free samples invoke such happiness!!😬



4. Daisy skin fix :

They are Multi-brand Website and I adore them for having LEEGEEHAM products and my favourite HANSKIN Skin essence, the one I have been blabbering so much on my instagram!! They mostly have products from cosrx, klairs, mizon, etc. They carry quite a variety of quality Sheet masks and Makeup items! They provide free shipping across India!! They are also very generous with samples!!




5. :

Now this website is quite new in the market!! And again it is a Multi-brand website with many products from brands such as Neogen, J.One and Tonymoly!! I am keeping my eyes on!! Do check out the website for latest products!!





6. coral-beauty :

This is a growing website with many different brands that are updated frequently with the products!! I am particularly curious for Belif , currently they have only two variants “aqua bomb” and “moisturizing bomb”. I haven’t tried this website!! will update content after using the website!





Frequently used Websites

1. :

Now, this my favourite of all the seoul based website!! I have purchased like crazy because of the variety of brands they offer, (I buy my pyunkang yul and whamisa products from here only) the quality of packaging they provide and lets not the forget the “Time sale section” and “clearance sale section“. Did I forget to mention the coupons they send you via emails and “brand sale coupon” are also available at the “coupon section” on the website!😬😬😬

I must say that they also have fabulous customer service that very responsive during weekdays and they ship within 3 days, sometime even very next day!! So you see stylekorean is not that costly with “Points you get on purchasing (7% and this is the highest) and on writing a review”, the coupons provided, with almost 40-50% time sale, etc, the website is a bang on!! Of course, you get random samples as well!!

Lastly their shipping is based on weights of the products!! I personally feel that their shipping slots are okay, not that costly ones!! Like for 9.69 usd you can purchase upto 999 gms! 😜




2. :

Now, this is among the first korean websites that I had tried in the past and use it now as well!! The best part the number sales they have throughout the year!!🤑 I love the variety of brands they have! The customer service is little slow though and packaging can be little clumsy sometime. Luckily, I didn’t have any damages so far!! Previously they use to provide free shipping, but now they have changed to weight based shipping!! But trust me it really doesn’t matter! When product prices are higher, shipping price goes down and vice-versa!

Watch out for Huxley, this brand is cheapest on this website! Samples are again very random, you may receive tons of samples or not even a single one!! Lastly, they do provide some points on every purchase made, which can be used as a discount voucher on future purchases!!





3. :

Wishtrend is a one stop shop for all the kbeauty newbie!! They have a very detailed description of all products in English, Plus they offer fabulous customer service, via emails, and one to one chat room on website! This website is best for klairs, by wishtrend, I’m From and cosrx products! They carry some 15 quality brands! I wish they can have more!!

Did I mention that they have free shipping option on purchase of $69 or more!! Do check out their “Free shipping zone“, you may find your single product for free shipping! If not, you will have to pay $9 shipping fees!

They also carry customized skin care packages and box for particular skincare concern! Btw!! Mizon is very cheap on this website!! (Its not fake and its not outdated!!).🙃

Lastly I gotta mention that they will fill you up with all the klairs samples!!




4. :

This is my favourite korean website for latest skincare trends and products! They are the first to carry all the limited edition set, quite the variety of brands and again work with awesome customer service!  Whenever I am in search of particular product that is not available on any website, I definitely check out missbeautykorea! They carry so many stuff from stylenanda 3CE, not many website carry 3CE!!

They also, have an option for request item (this is not very common on many website!!) They give you reward point with every purchase! They are so generous with the samples, the quality of packaging is good! (Packaging is equally important to me, because after paying your money to foreign website and waiting for weeks, you don’t wanna see a damaged product)!!😎

They offer tax redemption on standard shipping! But I am not sure of under what circumstances it is valid!



5. :

Luckily Jolse is among those few remaining websites which are not yet functioning on weights! Usually they provide free standard shipping (with tracking Id) over the purchase of $40, but this is not applicable to India, they charge standard shipping fees of $10 irrespective of the amount and weight! So, this beneficial if you are purchasing more!!

Their brand variety is increasing like crazy! They are so quick with their email responses (usually less than 24 hours). They usually have sales on weekend!! You also get points on every purchase and on reviewing a product!! And for samples!! They fill you up with samples and goodies!!!! Jolse has an App too!😘




Websites used 1 or 2 times

6. :

Yesstyle is one of the oldest online website for asian products!! It a singapore based website! Offers Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean skincare brands, clothes and lifestyle products! My first ever international purchase was from this website only! I gotta be honest, I was hell nervous cause neither I knew anything about custom, tracking, importing, international purchases, etc nor I had anyone to ask to!😵😵😵

I still remember I got my cosrx oil free ultra moisturizing lotion, Cosrx Snail essence and heimish all clean balm from here only!! It took some 25 days to arrive! Just Imagine how dead I must be??😵😵 For India they provide standard shipping only without tracking Id and accept payment without paypal!!

The only good thing about this website is that they offer free shipping on purchase of $35 and carry huge variety of brands! They have sales on many japanese products (Go get your Hada Labo from here)! I found that they carry soko glam famoused Enature brand!! (Enature moringa cleansing balm)!!




7. :

I have very recently purchased from here, mainly because of the Dr. Jart Ceramidin Serum, why? because it was so cheap, I bought it for only  $23 (the actual price can go upto $40 or more). The website layout reminds me lot of the Jolse! I did eat up their customer service brain with so many doubts and they were very responsive to all of my queries! It actually felt like one to one conversation!! They again function on shipping based on weights! Their website is definitely worth trying for their variety of brands, sales and awesome customer care service!! 😎 They have an App too!!



8. RoseRoseshop:

I have only purchased once from this website for a product (Secret Key Witch Hazel Toner) which was at stock at a very cheap price only at this website. This website too, like many other website, ship products on weight of the shipment!

My product was shipped on a very next day and I received it within 10 days. Now what I liked is, that just for a single product valued only 5 usd, they added some 8 samples of different sunscreen and cleansing oil from missha…..They were so generous! Also the product was well wrapped!!

As always I did email them asking about the delivery service in India before placing an order, They did reply it within a day! So far for my single purchase I am very satisfied with the website service.







Websites yet to be tested : Will be writing about these websites only after testing them! You may vote for the website in the comment section!


9. :



10. :

This is the website that I want to try so badly, because they have some awesome collection and so many fabulous deals, but they don’t offer standard shipping to India (Do check your Country too), and I don’t want to risk my products on EMS or Expedited Shipping!! These two shipment method are highly subjected to customs and have very high Shipping rate. 



11. (w2beauty) :



12. :



13. :




14. :




15. :




16. :




17. :




18. :



19. :



20. BeautyBoxKorea:





I don’t want to write random things on later section! I will try them out and then write my thoughts! Also, I am planning to have a website review series on my youtube channel! You can comment down below the name of website you want me try or make a detailed review on youtube!! I hope this post helped you all a little! Stay tuned for updates!

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