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Purito Centella Green Level Recovery Cream Review

Purito Centella Green Level Recovery Cream is one of the most famous products from Purito, actually, their entire Centella line is quite adored by the skincare community. It has all EWG Green Level ingredients and the full line targets sensitive skin or skin that needs care after intense acne treatment.

Read along to find out what I think about this notable product!


Skin Type:

Purito Centella Green Level Recovery Cream is suitable for all skin types, except for very oily skin in hot humid Climate. This product especially targets sensitive skin.

Dry, normal and combination skin can use it as Summer Moisturiser, whereas the oily skin can save it for winter.



Ingredients List and CosDNA Analysis:

Purito Centella Green Level Recovery Cream contains some really amazing skin-calming botanical ingredients. It has whooping 50% Centella Asiatica extract to help calm irritated skin and its bio-active derivative “Asiaticoside, Asiatic Acid and Madecassic acid” to heal skin and improve the skin barrier.

It also contains 2% Niacinamide to brighten up the skin, ceramide 3 to moisturise skin and boost skin barrier and thereby prevent skin irritation.

Check out Cosdna Analysis!



How to use:

Use Purito Centella Green Level Recovery Cream at the last step of your routine at the moisturiser step. This cream is suitable for day and night use.

Tip: I have used it as a spot treatment after extracting my acne with pimple patches. It helps in the faster recovery of the skin and helps tame redness on that spot of the skin.




Purito Centella Green Level Recovery Cream comes in a standard tube type packaging with a roll-on cap. Simple and practical packaging. Love it.



Expiry: 12 months after opening.

Quantity: 50 ml

Price: Its available for Rs.1350 ($18) on beautybarn.in* (India only). For global buyers, I am mentioning a few of the websites below:


*Disclaimer: Purito Centella Green Level Recovery Cream was sent by beautybarn.in for an exchange of my honest opinion on the product. Thank you for letting me try out the product.



Consistency/ Texture / fragrance / Absorbability:

Purito Centella Green Level Recovery Cream has a runny cream like consistency, its actually quite lightweight and gets absorbed very quickly, keeping skin moist on surface.

It doesn’t have any added fragrance but has two essential oil- Bergamot Fruit oil and Lavender Oil, so it has a moderate fragrance of these oils, which is tough for me to describe! But the good thing is that the fragrance fades away completely after a few mins of application.









I might not look that excited about this product, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good, it’s just that whatever claims this product has made, I already have my favourites for that, but the only problem is that they are not easily available and are not pocket-friendly. Purito Centella Green Level Recovery Cream is something I would highly recommend to the teenagers or people who have just started out with their serious skincare Journey.

I have tested this cream for good 2 weeks, then I stopped mainly because I didn’t find it moisturising enough for this peak winter in North, and I was using up way too much on my skin for single usage, so I am saving it for summer next year. Don’t want to waste such a neat moisturiser. You see I don’t like to waste my products.


  1. A lovely lightweight moisturiser that helps in reducing the redness on the skin.
  2. When I used it as a spot treatment, after extracting pimple with a pimple patch, it helps in  recovery of skin and reduces redness at that spot.
  3. Didn’t irritate my dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin.
  4. It doesn’t contain paraben.
  5. Free from PEGs.
  6. Mineral Oil –Free (honestly I do not mind Mineral oil in my skincare products, I am not that particular about it, but if a product doesn’t then it’s amazing).
  7. Silicon-Free. So, people, if you are skin, gets clogged to dimethicone or similar ingredients, this cream is for you.
  8. Vegan-friendly.
  9. Cruelty-Free.
  10. Amazing and affordable cream.



  1. Not moisturising enough for my ultra dry skin in this winter season. This is something I would use at an emulsion stage or before a thick sleeping mask to tame redness and general irritation or use it as a cream in monsoon.
  2. I wish they take out the essentials oils completely, since this product targets sensitivity.
  3. Did I notice any brightness? Nope! Maybe a longer result might show it, but again I do not expect it to brighten up skin instantly with just 2% Niacinamide.



Rating: 4/5

Do I recommend it? Yes, it’s a good quality moisturiser for sensitive skin, unless you have sensitivity towards the ingredients used in it.

Will I repurchase? Hmm… I would love to get it again if they take out the essential oils completely and make it more moisturising.

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