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Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner

Hello Readers! It’s already December and it’s gonna be an end of another year!! 😲 The year 2017 passed away so quickly! Anyways!! For today’s review I am penning my opinion on Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner. This is product from a brand “Natural Pacific” with the famous product “Natural Pacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum” aka “Damn Serum” aka “Jun Ji-Hyun’s serum”. Something must have clicked if you are a Kbeauty Junkie, if not then Fresh Herb Origin Serum is the famous serum used by the famous actress from a very famous Kdrama “My love from another star” and kmovie “My Sassy Girl”. But this is a story for another time. 😬

Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner is a light hydrating and moisturizing toner which claims to soothe and calm irritated skin, even out skin tone, balances skin’s oil-water balance, strengthens skin barrier, etc. Even though I didn’t hear much hype for this product, but still I tried for all the claims and ingredients. So, read along, if it worked or not!  😉


Skin Type:

Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner is suitable for all skin type, but curated particularly for  Combination and Oily skin with issues of sensitivity and acne. Again it can used as the hydrating toner for all season.


Not Suitable for:

Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner might not be suitable to anyone allergic to the ingredients used.


Ingredients List and CosDNA Analysis: 

Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner

Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner is a mixture of all anti-inflammatory ingredients (marked in green) that aid in soothing and treating troubled skin, and primary one being the “Calendula” and “Tea Tree”. The best thing is that instead of regular water it contains 91% of calendula water with actual flower petals floating inside. 😍

As from Cosdna Analysis, I didn’t find any skin irritating ingredient. It contains less and functional ingredients, and it’s alcohol free!! I love such thing!


How to use:

Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner is suitable for day and night use.

  • Being a hydrating toner, it’s best to use by dispensing product on a cotton pads and swipe gently on face.
  • Also, it can be used in DIY Sheet Mask or just use a cotton mask to treat and soothe a particular spot n face.

I was using it in my night time skincare routine, during a monsoon to fall season:

Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner > Klairs midnight blue youth activating drop > Cosrx Propolis light ampule > Whamisa eye cream > Klairs Freshly juiced vitamin E Mask


My updated Night Skincare Routine for my Dry, sensitive Skin!! Its minimal and effective!! 💆 Somehow Cosrx always finds a way to my Routine!! 😉😘 …… 1. By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water. – Weekly replacement of Toner. Exfoliate and provide antibacterial benefit.🍒 ……. 2. Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner. – Skin Calming Benefit for sensitive skin.🌻 ……. 3. Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop. – Antiaging and skin calming Benefit. …… 4. Cosrx Propolis Light Ampoule. – Skin Nourishing and Hydrating Benefit.🐝 ….. 5. Whamisa Organic Flowers Eye Essence. – For wrinkles and dark circles improvement.💐 ….. Mask I keep switching as per requirement: 6. Cosrx Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask. – For Nourishing and soothing effect.🍯 .. 7. Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask. – Skin Brightening, firming and calming effect. …….. @euniunni @stylekorean_global @wishtrend #kbeauty #koreanskincare #skincareroutine #cosrx #cosrxindia #whamisa #naturalpacificrealcalendulaenergytoner #klairsfreshlyjuicedvitaminemask #klairsmidnightblueyouthactivatingdrop #bywishtrend #mandelicacid #propolis #honey #calendula #organic #vegan #acidexfoliation #beautyblogger #sensitiveskin #dryskin #Nourishment #antiaging #brightening #letskbeauty #wishtrend #fermented #skincalming #naturalpacific #simple

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Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner is kinda adored for it’s simple yet playful packaging. I can actually play around with floating petals all day long!! Plus it looks so chic on vanity! I would say that, it’s way more attractive to naked eyes. 🙃👀

The bottle is of plastic (Thank God!!) and the cap is also of stiff plastic with metallic finish on outside. I wonder why did they change it to plain white thing! The one I have reviewed here is in its old packaging!


Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner




Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner
I really miss this golden packaging!!




Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner
The dispenser is just like every other toner or essence!


If you are wondering whether the petals come along with the toner? No! Not in the beginning but as the toner gets finished, very few small sized petals might seep out!


Expiry Period: Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner has an after opening expiry period of 12 months.

Quantity: Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner comes in huge 180 ml quantity.

Price: I purchased Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner from Stylekorean for discounted amount of $17.5 . The Brand Natural Pacific is not available on many korean online store. As far as I am aware, it’s exclusively available on only! ( I can be wrong, but I didn’t find it on many online store)!!


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Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner is just like a water, but hydrates and slightly moisturize the skin.  It has almost zero fragrance, but I do find a lingering fragrance of calendula flower (Of course!! 😜). So, it’s absolutely free from artificial fragrance!


Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner




Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner gets absorbed immediately due to its light watery texture but hydrates skin from inside. This makes it perfect for Oily and combination skin, or for those sticky humid season!


Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner




Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner is a good toner! Even though I haven’t heard much about it, still I gave it a try for its simple ingredients, and the idea of so many floating real flower petals immediately caught my attention. Also, I was in immediate need of light hydrating toner during monsoon that could calm my irritated skin. I am writing the review after emptying the Product. So, my opinion is a final one.


  1. Its light and hydrating.
  2. Soothes irritated skin. One of the best toner for irritated skin.
  3. Fun packaging.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Alcohol Free.
  6. Paraben Free.
  7. Free from exfoliating ingredient. I hate having exfoliating ingredients in all the skincare products, because it only causes harm over the time.
  8. Artificial Fragrance free.
  9. Travel friendly.



  1. Availability is an issue.
  2. As for the claims, it doesn’t work on severe acne condition.

Do I recommend it? Yes! Yes! No matter what’s the skin type, it’s worth a shot! To the oily skin people its the best toner!

Will I repurchase? I am sure of now! Because it’s not the huge necessity for my dry skin.


Rating: 4/5

Now, you must be wondering why I refrained from giving 5 star? The main reason is that the level of description and claims made, it really doesn’t work to that extend! Its definitely simple, soothing and hydrating but results are not that miraculous. Plus, availability is such an issue!

They have recently come up with the rose variant, that’s targeted more towards drier skin. So, let’s see if I get it or not!! 🤔

That’s all Folk!! 🤗

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