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Mamonde Rose water Toner Review

If you have ever explored the Korean skincare products, I a pretty sure that you must have come across the Mamonde Rose water Toner”. It is one of the most famous Kbeauty product till date. This has been in my wishlist since 2016, and I finally had the chance in August (2019, yeah I know such long time!) to use and test it.

I have already used up many high performing toners, so I wonder where this will stand since as of today’s market, there are many more hydrating toners.


Skin Type:

Mamonde Rose water Toner is suitable for all skin type and for all weathers. Since I have very dry skin, I am enjoying it for the current hot humid days.

  • Dry Skin – Summer & Monsoon.
  • Oily skin – Dry summer & Winter.
  • Combination Skin – Dry Summer.


Ingredients List and CosDNA Analysis:

Contain few ingredients.

Mamonde Rose water toner’s main ingredient is the Rose Damask water (90.97%). The Rose water is really good for the overall health of the skin. It calms down the inflammation on skin, hydrates and maintains the skin water-oil balance.

The Toner also contains Rose Fruit Extract (Rosehip Extract). It is a really good ingredient for skin regenerations, helps in faster healing of the scars, brightens up skin tone and also reduces skin inflammation.

Click here for Cosdna Analysis….



How to use:

You can use The Mamonde Rose Water Toner as a conventional toner by dripping some on a cotton puff or it can even be used like a pat on toner and this toner is suitable for 7 skin method.

Tip: Take a compressed sheet mask capsule or layered cotton; pour suitable quantity to drench the material fully with this toner. Keep aside for 15 mins and use as a DIY sheet mask.




Mamonde Rose Water comes in a cute soft pink translucent plastic cylindrical bottle. The cap is quite sturdy and I see no leakage at all.





Expiry: 12 months after opening.

Quantity: Available in 150 ml quantity and in 250 ml. I have used and reviewed the 150 ml size.

Price: This Mamonde Toner is very famous. You can literally get it from any Korean Global Website or at the local online or Instagram seller in your Country.

The website sent me this 150 ml of Mamonde Rose Water Toner (having a price of $7.7) for an exchange of unbiased honest opinion.

Also, in case you plan to make a haul from, always make a check on their Instagram page for ongoing sales or discount code.



Consistency/ Texture / fragrance / Absorbability:

Mamonde Rose Water Toner as a watery consistency but has a little slip to it. It smells exactly like Roses (Of Course!) and I love this fragrance and the good thing I that the scent fades away after application.

They have added some artificial scent to enhance the Natural Rose Fragrance (Which I think was absolutely unnecessary).

The toner gets absorbed quickly leaving skin hydrated and soft.





I have been testing it for almost a month. Just to check its hydration capacity, I did skip my essence and serums for a few days and only used this toner and my cream. Guess what it did keep my dry skin well hydrated and also didn’t make my skin sticky when used along with other essences and serums. As for the brightening part, I cannot say much and I do not expect to see a result in a month as it’s not that potent.


  1. Alcohol-Free.
  2. Paraben-free.
  3. Vegan-friendly.
  4. Gets absorbed quickly.
  5. My dry sensitive acne- prone skin had no problem with the toner
  6. Acid-free. The brand has a different version with acid in it, named as “Hydrating Beauty Water”. I prefer my daily toner to be acid-free. So if you have extremely sensitive dry skin, you may want to keep a check of this.
  7. I love the fragrance in it. I didn’t find it very overpowering.
  8. Toner feels rightly hydrating and soothing for this hot weather.
  9. I particularly found it perfect for DIY sheet Mask.
  10. For the price, it is really a fabulous product. Absolutely worth the money.



None!! Honestly, I found this toner good for the price it is sold. I have used some mid-range priced toners which pretty much do the same thing.



Rating: 5/5

Do I recommend it? Yes absolutely! In my opinion, it’s a basic hydrating toner, which lived up to the hype around it.

Will I repurchase? I would like to try the new variants from Mamonde in the future. They have a chamomile variant, Honey, Pore Clean, and Aqua Peel. Meantime, check out my Review on their Ceramide Cream.

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