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Mamonde Ceramide Intense Cream Review

The poor or damaged Skin barrier is a platform for many skin problems. It includes everything from just redness, stinging skin, and dehydration to bad breakouts. I tested out a few of the barrier cream since January of this year and I will be reviewing them hopefully this month. In today’s post, I am reviewing the Mamonde Ceramide Intense cream.

It is made in such a way that it not only repairs the skin barrier but also keeps the skin moist for long hours. The hibiscus extract, ceramide PC from the Hibiscus cortex and Ceramide NP are key ingredients to help in skin recovery. I actually want to try many Mamonde products, hopefully, I am able to get my hands on them this year! PS: My list is never-ending.


Skin Type:

Mamonde Ceramide Intense cream is suitable for Normal to Dry Skin, Combination skin save it for wintertime. For oily skin, they have a different version.



Ingredients List and CosDNA Analysis:

Mamonde Ceramide Intense cream

I am very happy with the ingredient list of the Mamonde Ceramide Intense cream, as it is packed with the emollients, contains ceramides, Cholesterol, and fatty acids, which are much needed to recover damaged skin barrier. So, next time you pick a cream for your poor skin barrier, check these points.

All the ingredients that are marked in green are good for the skin and are sensitive skin-friendly. The only bad guy is the added fragrance. Is it too prominent? Does it linger around? Scroll down to find out. Get your fingers moving! LOL!

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How to use:

Use Mamonde Ceramide Intense cream at the last step of your night and Morning Routine. In the morning do follow with a sunscreen.




Mamonde Ceramide Intense cream comes in a standard tube packaging and with a roll-on cap. Simple efficient packaging.

Mamonde Ceramide Intense Cream


Expiry: 12 months after opening

Quantity: 50 ml.

Price: The Mamonde Ceramide Intense cream was kindly sent last year by the newly launched Korean products selling website for the review purpose, but I guess the website faced some business issue and is currently shut down, but if you are interested, you can check out their Instagram Page, and also you can get the cream from yesstyle (but it keeps going on & off) and if you are wondering why is this product not so easily available, I don’t know ask mamonde.comI want more people to try this product.



Consistency/ Texture / fragrance / Absorbability:

Mamonde Ceramide Intense cream has easy to spread rich texture. The best thing about this cream is that even after being so rich, it sinks in quite well, keeping skin moist and dewy for long. The way it spreads and sinks into the skin is my favourite part of this cream. Oh, man! I’m missing this cream so much.



It might look as if it’s sticky, but it’s not, the cream after sinking in gives this kind of dewy skin finish and this picture was taken during peak hot-humid summer.



Even though Mamonde Ceramide Intense cream has an added fragrance, it doesn’t smell perfumy at all. In fact, it has a subtle rosy floral scent which fades away completely after 5 min of application.

Just a note:

  • Many times brands add some fragrance in a product to counteract the chemically-plastic-like-rotten smell of ingredients used it in. Base chemicals smell like that.
  • The problem occurs when individual skin reacts / sensitive to an added fragrance, natural fragrance, and even to the Essential oil infused fragrance. So, such people should lookout for a “100% fragrance-free” formula rather than the marketing terms like “No added fragrance” and “Contain Natural Fragrance”.
  • As for me, I am ok and my skin is also fine with the added fragrances unless the fragrance is too perfumy or is backed by the too many Essential oils.




Mamonde Ceramide Intense cream got emptied last month (wait let me blow my nose) and I am so sad. I miss using it every morning. I first used it in the late summer/monsoon last year and then again started using it in February. So, you see I have tested it well for both hot and cold weather. I loved the fact that whatever the season is, it always kept my skin super moisturised and dewy without stickiness. I even enjoyed their Rose toner. Below I have shared the Pros and Cons of this product.


  1. Moisturised and hydrated my skin. Yes, it does both.
  2. Never irritated my dry, sensitive & acne-prone skin.
  3. I tested this cream for summer as well as for the wintertime, it worked perfectly without any stickiness in summer & without much necessity to re-apply in winter.
  4. Also, this did help in restoring my skin barrier, when it was damaged.
  5. 100% Essential oil Free.
  6. It doesn’t even have any kind of carrier oil. So, I will consider this as 100% oil Free.
  7. PEG-Free.
  8. Vegan Friendly.
  9. It does have an added floral rose scent but it doesn’t smell that prominent nor it linger around.



  1. Not easily available. If you live outside Korea, best of luck on getting your hands on this tube version. Like if I had not been pleased by this cream, I wouldn’t have pained my fingers to write such a long post. Yes, I am annoyed that such a fabulous product isn’t easily available.


Rating: 5/5

Do I recommend it? Yes, for Normal to dry skin. For Oily skin, they have another lightweight version.

Will I repurchase? Yes, I want to, but first I need to finish my stash.

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