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 Hello Beautiful!! Welcome to my K-Beauty Products Blog!!

             I am Shelley Nayak, from India, and I am a big time skin care quester. It is this quest that landed me in a beautiful abode of the K-Beauty Regime. (I know! I know! The last sentence just sounded very dramatic, but dah! Ask any, it’s so true, it is indeed a beautiful abode and it can hook you for very long)!

This blog is launched to share my experiences with much-hyped K-Beauty Products and multi-steps skin care routine. I am more of an ingredient list person rather than just the catchy alluring names and descriptions. I might also include some Non-Korean Products if I find them extremely good, so watch out! You might find something interesting!


Glimpse of a corner of my crazy collection!!


The K-Beauty Routine can vary from very basic 5 simple steps (yes this is very basic!) to daunting 12 steps. The daunting part is not the number of steps involved but to find the right products that can be inculcated smoothly into the routine and of course the amount of money invested.

Now, just imagine an intimidating situation where after investing hefty amount from your pocket, the products starts reacting on your skin instead of meliorating it! This is the most dreading part of the hyped up trend.


But worry not!   A Little bit of research on ones own skin as well as on the products, helps a lot. This is where the Bloggers and Youtubers come to help. So, keep Calm, Explore and have Fun.


Some of my Holy Grail Items


I will be very glad to receive your queries, suggestion, and feedback, but kindly avoid any form of negativity! Spread the Peace guys!

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Author – Shelley Nayak  aka originSKI

  • Skin type- Dry, sensitive and acne prone (Adult Acne! Yes this is a thing!)
  • Concern- Fighting with deep dark acne scarring!

Review Period: Anywhere from 15 days to a month, but usually prefer to review a product after emptying it! 

Favourite Brands at the momentCosrx , Troiareuke, and Dr. Jart

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