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Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser

Hello Readers! It’s been a while! For today’s review I am gonna share my thoughts on Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser, which claims to combat acne issues by controlling the excess sebum and helps in promoting clear skin. The funniest thing is that it’s suitable for sensitive skin! I think I have already burst the mystery lingering around this product! 🤦 Anyways! Read along to know more!! 👀


Skin Type:

Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser is suitable for oily skin only with no issue of sensitivity. See! That’s why I marked the claim to be funny! 😑

Not Suitable for:

Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser is not suitable for Dry skin or Normal skin or combination skin or anyone allergic to salicylic acid, and its a no no to sensitive skin.


Ingredients List and CosDNA Analysis: 

Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser

Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser contains many good ingredients, few bad ones and few ingredients that has potentially individually irritated my skin.

From Cosdna Analysis, the bads one are only the commonly found emulsifiers in many face cleanser. So, I am not gonna complain about “Myristic acid, Stearic Acid and Lauric Acid”. I have personal issues with “Salicylic Acid, Willow Bark Water and Saccharomyces ferment” because of the sensitivity of my skin with these ingredients. They have reacted badly on my skin. 😵

The only great thing I find in this cleanser is it’s SLS Free ingredient list!! Honestly! Unless one is a fan of salicylic acid, this cleanser ain’t gonna attract you!



How to use:

Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser is ideal for a second step cleansing only! Even though it can remove most of the makeup, do not use it for removing makeup! Why? Because you might use it more and end up irritating your skin badly! Also, use it as a night cleanser only due to its exfoliating property.

Just for the demonstration I have used following waterproof long wear makeup items (left to right):

  1. The saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer.
  2. Nykaa So Matte Lipstick.
  3. Peripera Peri’s Ink The Velvet.
  4. Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencil.
  5. NYX Professional Makeup Slide On Pencil.
  6. NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Liner (on side).


Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser




Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser




Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser
When used directly on makeup, just like every other cleanser, it doesn’t lather up a lot!




Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser
Everything removed except saem concealer and peripera lip tint (nothing works on it! So I will give it a pass!!). Also, stripped away all the moisture even from skin on hand. Its very very drying for my dry sensitive skin.





Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser comes in a giant squeezable tube with flip on cap. The  packaging is simple with good quality, just like every other cosrx product!


Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser





Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser
It does come with a silver seal at top the dispensing point.



Expiry Period: Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser has an expiry period of 3 years.

Quantity: Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser comes in huge 150 ml quantity.

Price: I purchased Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser from Amazon (India) for $23… (what was I thinking!!). It is commonly available on many websites. I am linking down few of them! 

Beauty Barn India (India only)


(Few of the purchase option links included in the post, are my affiliate links, and can help me earn some commission. You don’t have to use the above mentioned links, but if you do, this will help out my Blog!! Thank You!! 👍)




Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser foams up a lot with just a pea sized amount but the foam is not very dense or luxurious! The fragrance can be bit strong for someone with sensitive nose. The scent is not bad but smells like a medicine and has a hint of tea tree oil.


Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser
Lathers a lot when used normally or after oil cleansing!!


By now you must have got the idea that I am not impressed by Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser. So far this is the only cosrx product that I have hated the most! This is again on top of my list of useless products, I had purchased during my initial haul of KBeauty! 🤦🙍

If not for my mother, I would have thrown it away! This product reacted very badly on my skin but worked fine on my mother’s extremely oily acne prone skin. I got painful acne, swelling and redness on my face just with 5 times of usage! I should have stopped when my skin became extremely dry and irritated with first usage! Lesson learned in a really bad way! So, my final opinion is based on its performance on both dry and oily skin.



  1. SLS Free
  2. Paraben Free and Alcohol Free.
  3. Easily available.



  1. Drying even for oily skin.
  2. Very drying and has caused severe irritation on my dry sensitive skin.
  3. Doesn’t reduce or control acne.
  4. Doesn’t work on reducing blemishes.
  5. Misleading description. It’s not gentle and it not suitable for daily usage and definitely not suitable for all skin types.
  6. Fragrance can be bit annoying!


Do I recommend it? No! I will not! Unless you have extremely oily skin and living in very hot and humid region! 

Will I repurchase? No! Never! 


Rating: 1/5 

Straight on face (I am sorry if this offends anyone!!), Cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser is possibly the worst product within all the gems of Brand Cosrx. It wrongly described! If one is very curious to use this product, please try the samples first! I think Cosrx Low Ph Good morning gel cleanser is far better, in fact is best cleanser from brand cosrx! Just skip this one! I really regret buying it that too for 3 times its actual price! 😤😭


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