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By wishtrend Vitamin 75 maximizing Cream

Hello Readers!! I hope you are enjoying my back to back products review! 🤞! For today’s review I am gonna write about By wishtrend Vitamin 75 maximizing Cream, This is my mom’s favourite product!! She has been using it with all vitamin c serum!! So if you are looking for a moisturiser that can go well with vitamin c serum, you are on right post!!

This review will be from point of view of my mom’s, who has oily acne prone skin!!


Skin Type:

By wishtrend Vitamin 75 maximizing Cream is suitable for all skin type (especially the acne prone and sensitive skin).

  • Summer: Oily skin and combination skin.
  • Winter: Only Oily skin.
  • Monsoon: Combination and Dry skin.


Not Suitable for:

By wishtrend Vitamin 75 maximizing Cream might not be suitable for anyone allergic to the ingredients used in it.


Ingredients List and CosDNA Analysis: 

By wishtrend Vitamin 75 maximizing Cream does have pretty good ingredients list and I am gonna talk about the only one primary “Hippophae Rhamnoides Water (Sea Buckthorn Water)” which forms 75% part of entire ingredient list (this in not the concentration, but it simply means the portion of entire solution).

From Cosdna Analysis, it is free from all bad ingredients, except for few very common basic stuffs. It looks good to me, but if you are avoiding any sort of oils in your product, you may wanna have a good look to its ingredient list.

Hippophae Rhamnoides Water (Sea Buckthorn Water) benefits are many! Lately it’s becoming a next big thing in Kbeauty after centella asiatica and Birch sap! 😍 Its primary skin benefit includes:

  1. It is enriched in Vitamin E and Vitamin C.
  2. Vitamin E helps in skin rejuvenation and induces skin glow!
  3. While the Vitamin C is good for skin brightening property!
  4. It has a good skin hydrating property!
  5. It can help in controlling acne to certain extend. (The sea buckthorn oil is more beneficial for this)!!.
  6. Helps in improving overall skin tone! So, if Snail Mucin filtrate is not your thing, you may wanna try using a sea buckthorn in your skin routine!



How to use:

As I have already mentioned that By wishtrend Vitamin 75 maximizing Cream is a great complementary product for pure Vitamin C serum!! My mother uses this cream in her night routine! She uses:

  1. Klairs rich moist soothing serum. (now an empty, this is replaced by “cosrx hyaluronic acid hydra power essence” and I think it’s way better than klairs serum!!).
  2. Klairs freshly juiced Vitamin Drop. (Now an empty, has been replaced with tiam C source Serum).
  3. By wishtrend Vitamin 75 maximizing Cream.


Tip: If you are a beginner with Pure Vitamin Serum and don’t wanna invest in additional product, try adding  few drop of Pure Vitamin C serum to By wishtrend Vitamin 75 maximizing Cream, mix it up and then use it on face. This reduces the side effects of Vitamin C serum on sensitive skin, without reducing its efficacy!! 





By wishtrend Vitamin 75 maximizing Cream comes in a dark coloured stiff plastic jar (Just like any other cream tub!). I think it’s quite travel friendly!!




The cap is quite deep unlike many other cream pot. This makes it travel friendly.



Expiry Period: It has an after opening expiry period of 12 months.

Quantity: By wishtrend Vitamin 75 maximizing Cream comes in 50 ml quantity.

Price: I purchased By wishtrend Vitamin 75 maximizing Cream from Beauybarn.in (India Only) for $25 and it is also available wishtrend.com (for global buyers).




The gel cream like consistency makes the By wishtrend Vitamin 75 maximizing Cream perfect for oily skin. It might look a bit thick for oily skin, but its not, spreads easily like a gel!! Plus its fragrance free!! This makes it perfect for sensitive skin and acne prone skin!😘







Here is a bonus, it is moisturizing enough for any skin type (except for the dry skin in winter) and is very very hydrating for any skin type. In simple words, its keeps skin moist and soft without stickiness.


I am sure, this might look a little greasy for oily skin, but its not!!



I told ya!! This is the result right after patting it in!! and after some half an hour, it sets matt on surface but remains hydrating inside! I think this is what oily skin people are in search of!!



In conclusion, this product does deserve all the love from Kbeauty Lovers!! By the time I write this review, this cream will be an empty!! So, the thoughts are final one! I have no complaint at all, except that it should be available with more korean websites!!😆


  1. Light and Hydrating.
  2. Moisturizing enough without stickiness!
  3. Fragrance free.
  4. Paraben free.
  5. Alcohol Free
  6. PEG free. (Yes few people are concerned about this.) 😎
  7. It is free from skin irritating ingredients.
  8. Improve overall skin texture.
  9. Good alternative to snail mucin filtrate.
  10. Brighten up skin tone to certain extend.
  11. Travel friendly, due to its deep cap.



  1. Availability is quite an issue. 🤦


Do I recommend it? Yes to all oily, sensitive, acne prone and combination skin.

Will I repurchase? Yes of course!! This is the HG product of mom!!


Rating: 5/5

I don’t think I need mention my reasons for 5 star rating! I have suggested By wishtrend Vitamin 75 maximizing Cream to many of my followers on instagram and they are absolutely satisfied by its performance!! So, if you have oily, sensitive or acne prone skin, this product and your skin deserve each other love!! 😘😇

That’s all Folk!!

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