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Arztin Regeneration Schild Crème Review

 Arztin Regeneration Schild Crème Origin is South Korea and is based on German skincare philosophy. They have used the “Nordenau water” which is Germany’s representative Medical Mineral Water that known to be effective in curbing sugar and cholesterol*. It also:

  • Enriched with Active Carbon that slows down human body aging.
  • It contains a high concentration of calcium ion that prevents skin moisture loss.
  • It also contains other fulfilling minerals to help moisturise skin.


The product claims to provide skin regeneration and provide anti-aging benefit by firming skin and improving skin elasticity and therefore, this Crème is made for:

  • Skin that frequently calming treatment
  • Skin that needs soothing effect after a Laser treatment
  •  Skin that is constantly dealing with the excessive dryness
  • Lastly, a skin that needs anti-aging treatment.

Now doesn’t the product sound very potent and alluring? Read along to find out more!



Skin Type:

Arztin Regeneration Schild Crème is made for dry and sensitive skin that has poor skin barrier, which is prone to irritation and redness. I feel that all skin types can use it for pretty much all season, except for very oily and combination skin people living in the hot humid climate.



Ingredients List and CosDNA Analysis:

The cream is loaded with many skin benefitting botanical extracts and proven active ingredients. I am highlighting a few of my all-time favourite ingredients.

  • Contains Centella Asiatica Bio-active derivatives- Asiaticoside, Asiatic acid and Madecassic acid to soothe irritated and help skin recover fast.
  • Lactic Acid – To gently exfoliate, soften and brighten skin.
  • Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate – To brighten up skin tone and help fight free radical damage.
  • Ceramide NP – to strengthen the skin barrier.

The product function on skin based on these key ingredients. The illustration is taken from the brand product page on Tradekorea.com*


How to use:

Use Arztin Regeneration Schild Crème at the last step of your routine, that is, at a moisturiser step and can be used for both day and night routine.

Just to check the efficiency of this cream, for the whole one week, I had been using it alone just with my Laneige Cream Refiner for my day and night, of course after my double-cleansing.




Arztin Regeneration Schild Crème comes in a metallic tube type packaging with a plastic roll-on cap, reminds me of the prescripted skin ointment, on a serious note, I loved this packaging. It’s simple and practical.




Expiry: Within 30 months after opening, but with the speed, I am using it, It might get over in just 6 months. It’s actually good that they have kept a long expiry period, since not every day we need an emergency skin-soothing routine. I think all SOS products should have a long life.

Quantity: 50 gm.

Price: Arztin Regeneration Schild Crème is available for an amount of $34.65 on kmall24 website.

Disclaimer – This product was kindly sent to me by GMP X Kmall24 to share my honest opinion on the product. I won this product after participating in season 3 of Kita’s Global Marketing Panel (GMP) conducted at Kmall24 website. Thank you for letting me try such an amazing product. Yes, I freaking loved this product.



Consistency/ Texture / fragrance / Absorbability:

Arztin Regeneration Schild Crème has a very unique texture, it’s more like a gel-balm. It is runny like a gel product but has a spread like that of a balm. This cream is 100% fragrance-free.

This cream has a beautiful occlusiveness that conceals the moisture into the skin. Something a dry skin moisturiser must have to prevent moisture loss.

Also, this cream seems to fill in the dry spots in the skin and makes it plump and dewy. So, you see this crème (I am simply using the work cream/ crème simultaneously) works as an amazing occlusive and emollients. Also, it has subtle properties of humectants.

I tried my best to demonstrate how it feels on the skin. LOL!


Rich Gel-Balm Texture





even though it is a rich product, it sinks in fast and skin feels so moist and soft





This cream now is in a list of my all-time favourite moisturisers for dry skin. I am so in love with this product.

I actually by mistake scratched my cheeks with my freshly trimmed nails and you know how burning that spot feels. When I applied the Arztin Regeneration Schild Crème in a thick layer to that spot, after 1 hour, I couldn’t see any red lines and burning sensation was all gone.

This cream also provides immediate skin plumping effect. Right after 30 mins of application, my fine lines reduce (the one around eyes and laugh line) and it kinda also blurs out the fine line on the neck.

You see, this is a must-have product for sensitive and skin in the late 20s and early 30s. I have been using it day and night for a week and I am actually happy with its result.

Now, why such a quick review? The product claims to show the result in 1-2 weeks and I have already seen a drastic improvement in my skin in just a week. My skin now looks dewy, bright and healthy. This cream gives life to my dull dead skin. I am excited to see what it would do in long term usage.



Arztin Regeneration Schild Crème is honestly one of a kind of product. I haven’t come across any similar product in my country. In fact, very few anti-aging products help with skin sensitivity. So, cheers to the Brand Team for making such astonishing product. I literally have no complaint on the product. I am fully satisfied with it as it has fulfilled all my dry, sensitive, acne-prone lates 20s skin requirements“. This product deserves more hype and awareness

  1. I will suggest the PR team, to create more awareness in the market by doing “Product Review Collaboration” with microbloggers of different countries as nothing can beat the awareness generated by true “word of mouth strategy” to promote the brand.
  2. Also, as the term “Clean-Beauty”, “Vegan-friendly”, “Cruelty-free” are gathering good attention from the users and bring the brand in the front line of the user experience, the brand should get such certification 🙂



  1. Hydrates skin. Yes, you read it right, this cream also has a skin hydrating property.
  2. Moisturises skin. Works as an amazing occlusive agent.
  3. Has a temporary fine line blurring effect. Has amazing skin plumping effect.
  4. This cream has given my skin a healthy glow. I am not saying that it helps in fading scars but it has made my skin super dewy, plump and soft. In simple words, it turns your skin into baby skin.
  5. The cream didn’t cause any kind of irritation on the skin. In fact, it helped in reducing the redness on skin.
  6. It contains some really potent yet gentle ingredients that are proven to improve skin condition.
  7. 100% Fragrance-Free.
  8. Essential Oil Free.
  9. Paraben-Free.
  10. It can be used as an eye cream too.
  11. Worth the money. With this cream, one actually doesn’t need too many products. A cleanser and toner would be sufficient.



  1. None!


Rating: 5/5…… I can give it 10 on 5… It’s a bomb product. Love it

Do I recommend it? Oh yes! Give it a try. It’s amazing.

Will I repurchase? Yes. I loved this product so much that now I want to try more products from this brand.

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