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A by Bom Ultra watery Eoseongcho Cleanser Review

For today’s Review, I have a product that I never ever planned to use or review, but I am so happy that I did because I loved it so much. I am talking about the A BY BOM ULTRA WATERY Eoseongcho Cleanser, that Eos….name is tough to spell and remember, so I might be mentioning this product as “A by Bom Ultra watery Balm Cleanser” most of the time because it is a first step balm cleanser.

If you are curious to know what makes this cleanser special and why I loved it, read till the end.


Skin Type:

A by Bom Ultra watery Eoseongcho Cleanser is best suited for Normal to dry skin, but combination skin can also use it. Also, this is safe for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin.



Ingredients List and CosDNA Analysis:

A by Bom Ultra watery Eoseongcho Cleanser is packed with the goodness of fabulous botanical extract and is free from essential oil. I honestly do not get bothered with the mineral oil that too in the washable product, as its nothing much but a cheap yet versatile solvent, but if I am paying a little extra for a product, I expect the brand to use high-quality solvent.

However, due to the amazing performance, I personally overlooked the “mineral oil” part.

Check the COSDNA Analysis to see the fab ingredients list……



How to use:

Use A by Bom Ultra watery Balm Cleanser on dry skin with dry hands. Massage till the balm turns to the oil, add little water to emulsify, massage for 30 secs and rinse with plain water. Do follow up with the foaming cleanser.

Used my usual makeup products


melts down to rich oil and dissolves all makeup products


Add little water to emulsify it (turns into a milky consistency)


On rinsing with plain water, just a tiny bit residue of lip tint is left behind.


This is my favourite combination. Love HUXLEY gel cleanser!







A by Bom Ultra watery Eoseongcho Cleanser comes in a very luxurious white sturdy pot. It also has a sturdy inner lid and a roll-on cap. It does come with a huge-high quality spatula but it’s too big to fit in the tub. I wish they reduce it to the size that would fit inside.


Love the minimal off white packaging and yeah that a spatula I am talking about!


Expiry: 12 months after opening.

Quantity:100 ml.

Price: Hold your heart… A by Bom Ultra watery Balm Cleanser is available for an amount of  Rs. 2830 ( $38) on Limese (India only) and Nykaa (India Only).

You may use my affiliate code “SHELLEY” on Limese Website for an additional discount.

Global users can get it from bemusedkorea.


Disclaimer: This product was kindly sent by Limese India to share my unbiased honest opinion.



Consistency/ Texture / fragrance:

A by Bom Ultra watery Eoseongcho Cleanser has rich buttery luxurious texture  (I must say not all buttery texture are luxurious).

I love the fact that it emulsifies like magic, which ensures deep cleansing without any residue on the skin (but still following up with a foaming cleanser is very important).

It does have a moderate artificial floral scent which fades away after rinsing.





A by Bom Ultra watery Eoseongcho Cleanser is now empty, and I miss it so much! I initially thought that it might be just an ok product since I haven’t heard of the brand.

One thing I must say (after having used all their top 5 products) that brand A by Bom is really good and deserves more hype. I love their eye cream (reviewed in the videos below) and this balm cleanser is my another favourite.






  1. 100% essential oil Free. I love products that are not loaded with essential oils.
  2. Doesn’t sting the eyes.
  3. Remove all kinds of makeup efficiently, except for those stubborn lip tint.
  4. It has moderate floral scent, which I find ok.
  5. Emulsifies so well, which is important, as this ensures no oily residue is left on the skin.
  6. With regular usage of this cleansing balm, I saw my skin tone looked brighter. I have used so many balms, not a single cleansing balm gave this skin tone improvement result.
  7. Also with regular usage, it improved my skin hydration level, so my skin felt very soft.
  8. Since my skin had better oil-water balance, I saw less or no breakout during the time I used it in my routine. Oh, I miss this Cleanser.
  9. PEGs Free.
  10. Paraben-Free.
  11. If you can splurge the amount, this balm cleanser is a must. Absolutely worth the money.



Nothing major but I hope brand reduces the size of that huge spatula.


Rating: 5/5

Do I recommend it? Yes absolutely, if you have normal, dry and combination skin. Oily skin might find the texture too heavy on the skin as it has a richer texture than Heimish all clean balm.

Will I repurchase? Yes, I will but not anytime soon, as I need to first finish what I have.

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